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A Clearly Simple Way To Straighten Teeth

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A Better Way to Straighter Teeth

Nowadays, straightening your teeth doesn’t have to include the awkward embarrassment of traditional metal braces. If you’re looking for something discreet, comfortable and durable, our multi-layer ClearCorrect clear aligners may be the right fit for you. The ClearCorrect system is designed to straighten teeth with a modern process that uses a series of clear, custom-made removable aligners that gradually move your teeth into their ideal positions. ClearCorrect retains its shape throughout the wear of the aligner to carefully and safely create the smile you have always wanted. Come talk to us at My Indy Dental Center to schedule your consultation for clear aligners in Indianapolis, IN. We can also discuss your financing and insurance option, which will make your treatment affordable.

Benefits Of ClearCorrect Aligners

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The ClearCorrect Experience

When you and Dr. Randall agree on ClearCorrect aligners, our team will send your impressions, photographs, radiographs and a prescription for your custom-made aligners to the ClearCorrect lab, where a personalized 3D model of your teeth will be created. Once this is finished, Dr. Randall will create a customized treatment plan showing you the gradual reposition your teeth will take to design your dream smile. From there, our team will utilize advanced technology to create your custom aligners with adequate precision. ClearCorrect Aligners work to adjust your teeth in four phases that require a new set of aligners in each phase every three weeks. Since your ClearCorrect aligners are to only be taken out when eating, drinking, flossing and brushing your teeth, you will gradually notice results after wearing each aligner set. Check-ups with Dr. Lisbeth Randall, DDS are required to evaluate your progress and to be given your next set of aligners. These office visits will continue until you have achieved the smile you wanted.

Consult With Our Trained Professional Team

While clear aligners are one helpful option for our patients, we recommend you talk to our knowledgeable staff at My Indy Dental Center about the issues you might be having with the positioning of your teeth. Through an initial consultation, we can determine your best option for reaching your functional and esthetic goals.

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